Product Representation

Amy brings her extensive dog training and behavior knowledge to help pet product and services companies show the full potential of their offerings to pet owners. Her 25 years of dog training experience lends credibility to endorsements. In articles and videos, she incorporates specific, insider tips to show how the product can enhance and simplify the training and rearing of puppies and modify undesirable behavior in adult dogs, giving the consumer solid reasons to pick that product over the competition.

Amy supports her clients by appearing at trade shows and promotional events where dog owners and retail buyers can ask specific questions from a training and behavior expert that is as accomplished at communicating with people as she is with dogs.


 Ms. Robinson has been our spokesperson since 2009. She has produced our product videos, participated in our trade show exhibits and appeared on television shows to promote Richell USA products. Not only does she know our product line very well, she has suggested innovations to improve them. Her online articles for Richell's website include helpful hints to train pets using our products."
Noriko Scott, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Richell USA

 Amy has the rare capability to articulate her training methodologies in private settings with her clients, or in front of the cameras where she conveys her appeal to National television audiences. Amy is a great resource for companies in her industry, and her ability to connect training processes to people and their dogs is invaluable".
Stephen Schaefer, owner and founder of Leashmaster SMP LLC